Events, we make them for people. For employees or clients. For knowledge-hungry, high-achievers, winners or important partners ... and for our clients, to ease their workload!


"For our clients!" emphasises Julia McGovern, one of our most longstanding project managers at people events. "And we've been doing so for well over 15 years. Always thinking one step ahead, so that we stay in control. And our clients don't get any "nasty" surprises."

we tell

Stories that give a comprehensible alignment to your event, have a dramatic continuity, and

have inspiring high points.


With our ideas. And they must be extraordinary.

Because that's how we make things possible when others have already long given up.

we aim precisely

Because we don't try to do everything, but are specialists in incentives, events and conferences for companies. And it pays off for you, because this specialism results in high achievement. Trying to do everything could leave somebody being average.

However, people events stays true to itself: no consumer events, no public events, no trade fairs and just absolutely no weddings!

"We calculate well"

"The continual and meticulous control over our project costings enables us to ensure our clients that the projects will be delivered strictly within allocated budgets.

Our costings are coherent and transparent! Somehow like sedatives, because you always know where you stand,” says our fast calculating project manager Mareike Behrens.


As a small, owner-managed agency, we have grown alongside our clients, but also made a conscious decision to stay small. Our hand-picked group of events and incentives specialists is strong and flexible. That`s why we master large, small, and demanding projects.

Our client base is continually growing. And many of them trust in people events since years.


When it`s about to find out precisely which

particular expectations you have with respect to a project`s result. We put ourselves in your shoes, and look at things preferably from your perspective. That`s because we have only one goal: your satisfaction!


It's not by chance that our agency is located in the very centre of Hamburg. We've always liked the Hanseatic openness to the world. And also their reliability and commitment, which makes it possible to conclude
contracts - just in case - on the basis of a

"hanseatic merchant honor word" with a sealing handshake.


"Many incentive, event and conference projects abroad form the basis for our international competence and network," says Sarah Geissler, one of our high achievers. "And Marco Polo provides

a good example, because when we travel abroad, we're always looking for new attractions for our clients."


We love "street art" ...
Because this visual art of creative thinking 'outside the box' is fun.

We love the way a creative person can turn an everyday situation into something special and extraordinary.
That's exactly what we want to do! When we approach creative tasks as part of our projects, we want to give our clients something unexpected. That`s exactly why we do make our "life" difficult for you. What we want is to bring you and the people at the events, incentives or conferences to fascinating astonishment.

Andrea Bos and Joachim Bos
Managing partners of
people events, Gesellschaft für strategische Kommunikation GmbH

We want to know you

What inspires you and where you`d like to be moved? We would like to know.

Please call us

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Where to find us

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